Friday, October 12, 2007

Evolution 3

This meeting, we got closer to finalising the layout. We have begun discussing materials and climate control. Now that we have been in the house for a bit, we can better understand the climate variations in the house in regards to our wonderful northern aspect. Next meeting we will be seeing a colour palette and some quotes for heating/cooling, as well as some wood samples. We are liking what we are seeing. I guess when it comes down to the nitty gritties is when we'll have to make some more obvious decisions. Ie. double fridge? sliding doors in the pantry or folding? top loader or front loader? Where is the doggy door going?
The back end of the house has evolved a bit with the addition of a rear deck, which I'm much preferring. Although we will still have full length windows to take advantage of the Moreton Bay Fig. The past few nights I've started to hear the fruit bats feeding on the fruit in that tree. Marlee seems ambivalent to them, which is good.
The architect says that after plans have been through council and approved, the building process should take no more than 6 months (with a few weeks contingency). So I guess we're looking at Christmas 2008.